Friday, 29 January 2010

Love Your Work

Di kutip dari H.L Neri, buat suami gue...

if you don’t like your work,you’ll need three times the energy:
1. to force yourself to work,
2. to resist the force,
3. and finally to work.

if you love your work,your desire to do
it will be like a wind to propel your ship with much less fuel.

if you like your work,you work no more - for work,
when you like it,is work no longer,but sheer enjoyment!

if you enjoy your work,you’ll work and work without counting the hours –
and you’ll reap and enjoy more earnings as well.

- H.L. Neri


  1. Yeah... yeah honey... You knew I'm still workin' on it. But thank's for the advice.